Persian Arts Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation, presentation, and dissemination of Persian arts in the United States. Persian Arts Society has presented some of the most prominent musicians, dancers,and artists living in Iran and abroad, and established the first school of Persian traditional Music in Los Angeles in 2000. Persian Arts Society has also collaborated with Kereshmeh Records in production of some of the most acclaimed recordings of Persian Music for wide distribution in the Western market. 


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Persian Arts Society proudly presents

Shahrokh Moshkinghalam
Nariman Hodjati


 Sunday, October 30, 2016 - 7pm
Gindi Auditorium

American Jewish University
15600 Mulholland Dr
Los Angeles CA 90077

 Information: (310) 477-4141

Tickets at:
Ketab Corp. & Q Market 



Persian Arts Society
School of Music

Avaz Group Lessons with Siamak Shajarian
Tuesdays from 7pm to 9pm

Individual Classes

Piano, Violin, Kamanche and Music theory: Keyavash Nourai
Kamanche, Setar, Music Theory: Mehdi Bagheri
Tar, Setar, Tonbak, Daf: Matin Eshaghi
Kamanche, Tonbak, Daf: Misaq Eshaghi
Children Music and Ney: Parisa Daneshvar


Individual Classes Duration   Trial  Session Per Month
Once A Week
50 Min
Once A Week
25 Min


Group Classes Duration Per Session Per Month Trial session
Once A Week
100 Min


Group Children Classes Duration Per Session Per Month Trial session
Once A Week
75 Min

Pre-registration is required
(310) 477-4141
11312 Santa Monica Blvd. #7
Los Angles, CA 90025